Anna ~ (hilian) wrote in moulin_rating,
Anna ~

I'm the green fairy

The Basics</big>

Name: anna
Nickname: hilian
Age: 20s
Height: 1.60

About Me

Hobbies: music, tennis, videogames. books
Talents: music
Likes: Animals, sleeping, coffee, manga, anime, books, reading, writings, my cat, daydreaming,,hanging out with friends,making people laugh,literature,astronomy,icons,rainbows,book stores.
Dislikes:Discrimination, being stressed, intolerance,being bothered, liars,close-minded people, waiting, slow internet connection,ignorance,being ignored,spiders,embarrassing situations, bugs
Pet Peeves: rude people


Favourite Character and why: Christian, I love his attitude and personality a lot
Favourite song from the movie and why:Your song
What do you value most?(Truth, Beauty, Freedom, or love) and why: Freedom

This or that

Love or Money Love
Leader or Follower? Leader i don't like being told what to do
Cool and Collected or Emotional?Emotional
Agressive or Passive?Agressive
Bold & Flashy or Classic & Fresh Classic & Fres
Smart & Unattractive or Gorgeous & Dumber than a Rock somewhere in between?XD

One word that best describes you: caring
Photo or brief description of yourself:

out of curiosty, how did you find out about this community? thanks to haryan

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Your "This or that" section really remind me of christian
I agree Christian
Christian with some sassy Satine.

Please vote on mine too!<3