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I'm the green fairy? Naaah!

The Basics

Name: Nicole.
Nickname: Nikki.
DOB: 12-29-90.
Age: 19.
Height: 5'8.

About Me

Hobbies: Reading, literate roleplay, stamping, watching and collecting movies.
Talents: Dancing, a good listener and adviser.
Likes: My Lord, family, Korean dramas, Disney, the ocean, Asian food and culture, vintage, old fashioned romance, children, animals, Broadway, cheery blossoms, pastels.
Dislikes: Abortion, abuse (human or animal), prejudice, sexism, rude and obnoxious people, hunters.
Pet Peeves: When technology fails on you and when your walking right behind someone and they let a door small right in your face.


Favourite Character and why: Satine. Not only is she talented but she learns so much by the end of the movie, putting love first. Though I do like the lovable and jealous Christian.
Favourite song from the movie and why: Either "Your Song" or "Come What May". Come What May is beautiful and I like Your Song's rhythm.
What do you value most?(Truth, Beauty, Freedom, or love) and why: Love. I think it should be cherished and protected. Real love is hard to come by.

This or that

Love or Money? Love, hands down.
Leader or Follower? Leader.
Cool and Collected or Emotional? I'm usually calm but very emotional at the same time.
Aggressive or Passive? I'm more passive but can get aggressive if all my buttons are pushed.
Bold & Flashy or Classic & Fresh? A bit of both. I like classic but theres nothing wrong with a bit of flash or boldness as long as it's not over the top.
Smart & Unattractive or Gorgeous & Dumber than a Rock? Aha, uhmm.. Smart and unattractive. Although the gorgeous one is better to look at, I think the stupidity might get annoying over time...

One word that best describes you: Moralistic.
Photo or brief description of yourself: I'm tall and lean with a fair complexion. I have doe brown eyes and long curly brown hair.

Out of curiosity, how did you find out about this community? Not sure, I think through other stamping community affiliates.
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