Joker's Girl (sweetness_fairy) wrote in moulin_rating,
Joker's Girl

I'm the green fairy

The Basics

Name: Rose
Nickname: Deerheart from my friends,Pumpkin from my dad
DOB: in 3 weeks! my birthday not my birth :S
Age: 20's
Height: 5'4

About Me

Hobbies: writing,singing,shopping
Talents: singing,writing I think are the my best
Likes: poetry, reading, shopping, writing fanfiction, musicals
Dislikes: sports, bad manners, shallow people
Pet Peeves: people who are rude and don't care about others


Favourite Character and why: It's hard to choose cause I love both Satine & Christian. I love Satine because she's very bold & straight forward. I love Christian cause he's a hopeless romantic and when he has his mind set to something he goes for it.
Favourite song from the movie and why: Come What May. It's a truly beautiful love song and it makes me feel all happy inside. I'll Fly Away is another fav for personal reasons.
What do you value most?(Truth, Beauty, Freedom, or love) and why: truth. Because I've been lied to by many of my friends, ex boyfriends, and family before.

This or that

Love or Money love
Leader or Follower? leader
Cool and Collected or Emotional? emotional
Agressive or Passive? passive....*dad chimes in* Passive-aggressive * sticks tongue out at father*
Bold & Flashy or Classic & Fresh classic and fresh
Smart & Unattractive or Gorgeous & Dumber than a Rock smart and unattractive.

One word that best describes you: compassionate
Photo or brief description of yourself: reddish brown hair,brown eyes...I suck at describibg myself...

out of curiosty, how did you find out about this community? willubmypenguin I will happily help her bring back dead comms that shouldn't die
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